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"Now you begin to fight the power again
Real HipHop’s back in two thousand and ten!"
-ProfessorD.us, The Dope Poet Society, 2010

-January, 2010: ProfessorD.us and Justus League Records donate album proceeds to Haiti Disaster Relief: 100% of the proceeds from THIRD WORLD WARriors, Vol. 1 will be donated to the Haitian Red Cross, purchased from our website this week from today, Friday January 22 until Friday January 29. To purchase the album for $9.99 please click the banner above. To read ProfessorD.us’ statement on the disaster, click here.

"The most powerful rhyme in two thousand and nine!"
-ProfessorD.us, The Dope Poet Society

-July 25, 2009: ProfessorD.us denounces President Obama’s apology to James Crowley, the cop who arrested Prof. Gates in his own house, as “a bitch move.” [More...]

-June, 2009: ProfessorD.us tours throughout the Middle East in support of THIRD WORLD WARriors Vol.1; Collaborates with DAM, Hadag Nahash and others [More...]

"Straight outta tha gate in two thousand and eight!"
-ProfessorD.us, The Dope Poet Society

-July 07, 2008: ProfessorD.us - The Dope Poet Society releases new album, THIRD WORLD WARriors Vol.1, advance release date July 15, 2008! [More...]

-July 07, 2008: Just out: FREEDOM IN HAITI, the first single and video from the new album, THIRD WORLD WARriors Vol.1, by ProfessorD.us - The Dope Poet Society [More...]

-ProfessorD.us – The Dope Poet Society performs at the culminating event for Israeli Apartheid Week
Saturday, February 9th [More...]

"Y'all know me as the powerful legend, loud as an engine/ kickin' wisdom in 2007!"
-Professor D, The Dope Poet Society

-July 20, 2007: The Dope Poet Society releases new Transformers Themed song, "Transform, Roll Out!"

-March 9, 2007: Canadian Music Week presents… The Dope Poet Society opening as special guests of PUBLIC ENEMY!!!!

-FEB 23, 2007: MTV Canada was on hand to cover Maestro Fresh Wes, with special guest Professor D, for a gala performance at The Capitol Theatre to raise funds for the Special Olympics.

-FEB 16, 2007, Professor D performs as a special guest with award winning Jazz musician Brownman at NU JAZZ hosted by Jaymz Bee from JAZZ.FM91

"I got 2006 raps that kick ass on the quick fast..."
-Professor D, The Dope Poet Society

-JAN 2006: The Dope Poet Society and Maestro are the first Canadian Urban acts ever to showcase at Midem

The Dope Poet Society tours North America and The African Continent…

-Canada to Africa: Promote Intelligence Tour Dates

-North America Tour Photos Comming Soon!

-Africa Tour Photos

-HURRICANE KATRINA! Download the brand new track here

The Dope Poet Society returns to Toronto to take the stage at the following festivals…

-Ear To The Ground- September 16-18 Exhibition Place

-Street Impact- September 10, 2005, Dundas Square

-The Junction Arts Festival- September 10-11, Keele and Dundas

-The Dope Poet Society in Venezuela and Cuba

-The Dope Poet Society at the MMVAs

-The Dope Poet Society perform live at NXNE

-Professor D performs with Cali Hip Hop crew, Zion I

-Professor D wins Spoken Word Award

-Dope Poets with Dead Prez live in DC

Street Impact - September 10, 2005, Dundas Square
A free all ages outdoor event celebrating skateboarding and music. Expected to attract up to 10,000 enthusiasts and worldwide media attention.

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The Junction Arts Festival – September 10-11, Keele and Dundas
The largest Art Meets Street festival in North America. Now in its thirteenth year, highlights include a juried art show, live musical performances, dancers, poetry readings, and workshops and more! The Dope Poet Society performs on the main (Keele) stage Saturday, and hosts the Urban stage on Sunday presented by The Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Arts Centre. www.JunctionArtsFest.com

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Ear To The Ground – September 16-18 Exhibition Place
Not just a music festival, but a multi-disciplinary festival featuring music, film, art, theatre, dance and spoken word. Celebrate the works of independent and emerging artists, independently-run businesses and media, and innovative and non-commercial endeavours. www.eartothegroundfest.com

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The Dope Poet Society in Venezuela and Cuba:

the group has been invited to perform at the First Hip Hop Summit in Venezuela as part of the 16th Annual Youth and Students Festival in Caracas. The Summit will also feature Dead Prez and Immortal Technique from the US, La Bomba from Chile, and many other noteworthy performers from around the world. Tens of thousands of international delegates will attend to address this year’s theme, -Peace and Solidarity in the Struggle Against Imperialism and War. The Festival takes place from August 7 to 15th, 2005. The group will then travel to Cuba, where they last performed in 2001. www.Caracas2005.info (Spanish)

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Pics of Professor D at The MuchMusic Video Awards, June 19th

Melanie Durrant is about to become a HUGE star. Don't sleep.

The Godfather (Maestro) and the Professor politic for the press.
Keisha Chante and D chill at the Maxamus afterparty.

Can you tell which one of these pig-tail wearing hotties is NOT
one of Gwen Stefani's dancers?

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Thursday Night, June 9th, 1AM, Healey's
178 Bathurst St. (S. of Queen) with special guest La Bomba

PROFESSOR D, of The Dope Poet Society
performs with Cali Hip Hop crew, Zion I
Wednesday, June 1st, Kathedral, 651 Queen St W (w. of Bathurst)

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PROFESSOR D, of The Dope Poet Society
awarded 'Word of Mouth' by Ontario Arts Council
Professor D was one of the first to recieve the new
spokenword grant, much thanks goes out to the Ontario Arts Council.

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The Dope Poet Society in Washington DC
A series of performances in and around the protest against IMF and
The World Bank. The Dope Poet Society have been invited to
perform at the following events:

April 13 Mwazi Wednesdays
April 14 Concert w/ M-1 of Dead Prez, The Head-Roc War
A-Alikes and more
Both events at Cafe Mawanaj 624 T St NW DC (1 block from Howard University)

April 16 Performance at the protest, 3PM, in Dupont Circle
April 16 Hard Life Ent. Video Shoot, Island Cafe, 829 Upshur Street NW
April 16 Evening Concert Location TBA
April 17 Afternoon Concert Location TBA
April 17 Evening Concert Location TBA
April 18 DC Guerilla Poetry Insurgency, in Dupont Circle

Other performances and appearances will be added.
To find out TBA locations and updated scheduling email Contact@JLR1.com

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Here's what we think of electronic voting machines, courtesy of Jim Kempkes

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Read the Now Magazine article about hate crimes direceted at The Toronto Hip Hop Cultural Arts Centre

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Justus League Records

Justus League Records is a label which strives to bring justice to a traditionally unjust and crooked discipline.  Our mandate is to contribute to positive social change by promoting the dopest, most constructive and revolutionary artists the world has to offer.

PROINTELPRO: Promote Intelligence Program
The new album from The Dope Poet Society is available now! This full length 18 track CD is guaranteed to be one of the best in your collection. The album is the culmination of years of work, and the timely issues addressed are more current and relevant now then ever before. The album features some very special guest appearances including candid commentary from the current and former leaders of both Canada and the USA.

The first hit song to condemn Amerikkka's racist war on Iraq. Released February 15, 2003, the day of the largest anti-war protest in history.  The Dope Poet Society debuted the song live in Toronto to a crowd of 80,000 protesters! The track is now available on the new album, PROINTELPRO. Order it now from the merchandise section.


CLICK HERE to check out THE DOPE POET SOCIETY'S historic EP, "911: WORLD TRADE", which contains three new slammin' tracks, plus the hit 'BUSHIT'. The title track was written on September 11, 2001!


CLICK HERE to check out the hit single,"BUSHIT", from THE DOPE POET SOCIETY; a critique of George 'Devil-U' Bush, and his presedential election scandal.  Read the reviews, and e-mail us your comments on the song, we'll post selected responses, both pro and con.


CLICK HERE to learn about the critically acclaimed EP, HIPOLITICS, which includes The DOPE POET SOCIETY'S trademark hits, "I.D. (CERTIFIED B-BOY)", and "FUCK MIKE HARRIS!"



This site contains all kinds of information on the label and it's artists.  New music is added periodically, so keep checking in. The music catalogue will not be restricted to music available in stores, and will include selections which date all the way back to some of the Dope Poet Society's original work! What do you think of the site?  If you have any questions or comments on anything, including how you think the site could be improved, send an e-mail; we strive to respond to most.

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